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Tweaking Results Page beyond standard options.

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  • Tweaking Results Page beyond standard options.

    I'd like to change a couple of minor things about the search results.

    1) Remove the ellipses from the beginning of the Context Description (I'll keep the ending ellipses). *It's a long story, but there is an important reason why we need to do this for our site.

    2) Remove the "URL: http://" from the beginning of the URL string (or at least remove "URL: ").

    If this involves editing the CGI script I'd be willing to pay for a custom CGI file from Wrensoft, thanks!

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    1) You can achieve this with a bit of clever CSS. Namely insert this line in your search template CSS:
    .context b { display: none; }

    2) Modify the Language file (under "Configure"->"Languages"). Or create a custom .zlang file. You can then change the text for "URL:" or clear that line, likewise for any other text that appears on the search page. You will need to reindex for these changes to take effect.
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      Thanks Ray,

      Ok, well I only wanted to eliminate the beginning ellipses, not the ending ellipses. Unfortunately, it is one or the other with the CSS fix suggested.

      As for the second issue, I'd like to get rid of the "http://" as well to make the URL look cleaner, but editing the ZLANG file doesn't go that far.