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Please Help! - Can't find search function

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  • Please Help! - Can't find search function

    Im not familiar with Zoom Search, but I downloaded it to try it out. What i did was to scan my website in spider mode and saved the scanned files in a folder. Then i uploaded the files on my website in public_html folder. But when I visit the site theres no search function.

    Must my home (index.html) be the search page or what must I do.
    Please help

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    See this FAQ to start with,


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      I'm using Webplus X6 to create my website. Let me just say that i'm a beginner in doing this. The browser? is it the one in my web designing program that i must tell to open the search page, a button, ??? Because I look at one or two tutorials on how to use Zoom and as I see it, they scan the files from a website, Save the scanned files and upload it on the website. That Simple : ) So please understand that i'm start learning this stuff and who else to ask than you guys to help. Thank you in advance


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        Never heard of Webplus X6, but it shouldn't matter what HTML editor you use. I assume Webplus X6 is a HTML editor of some sort.

        If you are browsing a web site, your site, or any other site, then typically you would use a well known browser like, Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Firefox. But to be honest if you are building a web site, you should really already this basic stuff. If you do already know this, then I don't really understand what you are asking in your post above.


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          Hi, if you read my previous post i said that i'm a beginner in webplus 6 also. So i'm start learning this stuff. I'll figure it out somehow. Thank You


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            I am happy to help any one that is new at adding the search box,If i can, wifiboot@msn.com


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              Thank you Brittany, I sent you an email