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Indexing issues: "No files found to spider"

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  • Indexing issues: "No files found to spider"


    I have successfully used the Zoom Search Engine Indexer for a Moodle LMS site and had saved the configure settings. I have now added a page to the LMS and I wanted to re-index the site so I can get updated search results that included the new page.

    However, when I load the configure saved file and try to repeat the index, a pop-up window says "No files found to spider" and then further explains "Check that the URL exists and satisfies the settings in the configuration window."

    No settings have been changed since the last successful index and I have checked that all of the information is correct. In the log, it says "Could not download file: url (invalid URL or domain name)" but the web address is correct and the website is working fine. There have been no changes to the server since the last site index.

    Any help is greatly appreciated

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    Have you installed some Internet Security software, e.g. firewall and it is now enabled? If so, it may need to allow the ZoomIndexer.exe software to access the web. Try temporarily disabling it to confirm if this is the cause of the problem.

    Otherwise, you can PM or email us your URL and your .zcfg configuration file and we can take a closer look.
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