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  • Ignore numbers?

    OK, I guess I could put *10, *11, *12 etc in my skip list, but it seems kind of silly. It would be really nice to have a way to tell this to simply not pay any attention to numbers.

    Additionally, I'm confused. If I have a word in my skip list, why does it still count towards the "unique words" count?

    Thanks in advance

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    Simply having:


    Will skip all numbers. You do not need to goto *10 or *11. Because they will contain the characters above already.

    Skip words still count towards unique words because of the Context description. All words that may need to appear in the context description will need to have an entry in the dictionary. What you do save however is index data for these numbers. So it aims to reduce the memory requirement, the index size, upload time, and search time of your search engine. It does not serve to reduce the number of unique words.
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