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  • with and without apostrophe

    I see that zoom indexer is treating test and tes't as different words. Is there a way to ignore the apostrophe?
    Also how does the indexer see these on html pages? For example does it see ' and ' as the same thing? So if two phrases appear the same on the viewed page but differ in how they were coded does zoom indexer treat them as different words?


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    This is configured by the "Word join rules" (under "Configure"->"Indexing options"). Click on the Help button there for examples of how this works.

    But even here, at best with a word like: tes't

    Is that it will get treated as either one word ("tes't") or two words ("tes" and "t"). And I think you're asking for it to be treated as a word where the apostrophe has been removed ("test").

    It's a rare case in most situations. Please note that this needs to apply for all words across the website, so there are many cases where this would not be sensible.

    If there is only a number of common words you want to address (e.g. your users tend to not type "don't" and they just type "dont"), then use the Synonyms feature and allow apostrophes to join words.
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