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Somehow search another zoom search when first one ends?

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  • Somehow search another zoom search when first one ends?

    I'll try to describe this the best way possible. And it's already in my head this probably isn't possible, but I want to ask anyway.

    Lets say I have 2 Zoom searches on 2 different websites.

    One for "MontanaNews" and another for "New Jerseynews."

    Is there a way to make a single search on a 3rd website where it searches Montananews, then once it is done searching, searches Jerseynews?

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    We have a product called MasterNode to accumulate results from two different Zoom search nodes/website. But it is a complex product, and designed to do more than just two sites. Usually used to build a "search aggregator" involving tens of nodes. You will have to decide if this is worth your while. We provide the product for free so you can experiment (you need to pay for support due to the intricacies of the product).

    This also does more than just perform two consecutive searches. It actually merges the results and re-sort them as if from the one site.

    Alternatively, (simpler technically) you can create a single index encompassing both sites. You can do this by clicking on the "More" button next to the Start URL. Then you can create two Categories and pre-select the category for the individual site searches.
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