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Can not index files in sub directory

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  • Can not index files in sub directory

    Hi, I put a flipbook files in a directory (you can see it at https://goo.gl/iztTzq), but it seems in index mode, with default index options, Zoom can not index the content of the flipbook folder. When in offline mode, it's ok. I wonder what caused this problem? Did I setup index mode wrong, or it has to be with host configuration? I'm using a shared hosting so I expect Zoom could work with it's configuration right away. Please help. Thanks.

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    The flip book appears to be in one large Flash file. There is no folder of files as far as I can see. Text extraction from Flash files can be problematic. Also the URL used doesn't indicate the file type (Flash files normally have .SWF in their URLs).

    Does it even make sense to implement a search engine when the web site only has 1 document?


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      Hi, thanks for reply. I just uploaded 1 document for testing purpose only. I switched to offline mode, using CGI/Linux platform. However, when running the script from server, I got this message "Error seeking in file. This may be due to an incompatible CGI build for your operating system. Please contact Wrensoft for help". Strange thing is that this error appeared for several keywords (some long keywords like 'protesters', 'hayek', when some short keywords are ok 'test', 'usage'...). I searched this forum but got no result for this error. I'm running Centos 7. Please give me some advice. Thanks.

      P/S: I followed the guide for uploading cgi file (upload using binary mode, chown, chmod...) and the script could run.


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        Can you give us more information, e.g.
        1) How many files are you indexing?
        2) How big (in megabytes) are your zdat index files?
        3) Can you zip up and send your index files to us via email (see Contact Us page) and we can take a closer look
        Wrensoft Web Software
        Sydney, Australia
        Zoom Search Engine


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          Hi, I've just sent an email. Please take a look. Thanks.