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  • Search Results under the Search Form Input

    I am looking to purchase and experimenting with the free version. I have a sliding panel open that has the Search Form on it. When the search is performed, another window opens with the results. I would like the results to appear under the form that was first input. If not on the sliding panel, then I can make a separate search page, but I still would like the results to appear below the Search Form.
    Where would I look to find out how to do this or if it is possible?
    Are there any examples I could copy from??
    Thank you.

    Website: http://www.tacainfo.com/
    Search is in the menu, far right side.

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    Everything is possible, but it depends somewhat on your programming skills.

    The easy (no programming required) solution is to just let it open on the a new page, then style the new page to blend in with the rest of the site.

    To style the page you can edit the search_template.html file and the CSS within.

    Other options include putting the search page into a iframe. But that is a bit messy. Or doing some AJAX calls to get the search results and then insert the search results into your existing slide out tab using Javascript.