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Formatting request for search.php (and probably others)

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  • Formatting request for search.php (and probably others)

    While trying to change the layout of the search results page (for 7.1) using CSS I noticed that you have search.php adding lots of <br/> tags to space things out. Please can you not do that... Use CSS padding/margins instead. That way, it's possible to change the layout using CSS without having to hack search.php to get rid of the extra <br> tags!

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    We understand it goes against the idealistic credo of Content vs. Format separation. But it was a populist decision -- there's an increasing number of users who are not fully familiar with HTML and CSS (coming from various web authoring tools). They attempt to use Zoom and struggle to retain the default CSS. The result of which is that their formatting becomes a jumbled mess and it looks unreasonable UNTIL they learn CSS. The use of <br> tags allowed these users to always have sensible results, but they can fine tune it further if they learn CSS.

    Meanwhile, for more experienced CSS users, you can still eliminate the <br> tags WITHOUT modifying the "search.php" script. You can do this via CSS, e.g.

    .summary br { display: none; }

    This will eliminate the visual effect of all <br> tags within the <div class='summary'>...</div> section.
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