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  • meta name="ZOOMCATEGORY"

    I have added this meta tag to pages I can't classify in another way, for example I have

    <meta name="ZOOMCATEGORY" content="Main">

    on pages that don't fall into other categories I have created which are based on folder names.

    Under "Enable Categories" I have the other categories set up (based on URL patterns), working and returning results.

    For those pages using the meta name method I'm using the following which I assume is incorrect

    Name: Main Site
    Pattern: Main
    Description: main unclassified pages

    How should I be defining the pages which have the meta name lines included if they can't be defined by the URL Pattern?

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    Is there a reason you can not use "Catch files not belonging to a category" option? This option allows you use of a "catch-all" or "default" category, which will contain any files that did not fall in one of the specified categories in the list. You can use this to create a category for "Main Site" by checking this option and specifying the category name in the text box.

    If you cannot use the catch all option, the ZOOMCATEGORY tag should also work. The category specified in the content part of the meta tag will override the URL/filename matching method. (Your content part would be "Main Site"). Going with this route, you may want to specify an empty pattern. With your current "pattern" set for the category you may inadvertently match other pages that you may not want in the Main Site category. With an empty pattern, files will only be assigned to Main Site category if they contain the matching ZOOMCATEGORY meta tag.