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Skip list issue in CGI version - maybe a bug

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  • Skip list issue in CGI version - maybe a bug

    This might actually be a bug and I can't say that its not an issue in the PHP, ASP versions etc. Following the announcements about Google Site Search being grandfathered I'v been doing some evaluation and testing replacing it with ZOOM - in particular the CGI version. So far very impressive Wrensoft. This morning I dumped all the files onto the web facing box for some more testing and it performed very nicely. However, during testing I spotted an issue. I added the word "ducshoot" (correct spelling) to my synonym list. Ducshoot is the name of a computer game so I added the word "duckshoot" as a synonym - makes good sense. If you do a search on ducshoot it produces the message "The following word(s) are in the skip word list and have been omitted from your search: "ducshoot"" I've double checked - ducshoot is not in the skip list, its in the synonym list. You get the same result for duckshoot. Can anyone shed any light on this please?

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    The synonym entries MUST point to a WORD that is actually in the indexed. Otherwise, the above behaviour will result.

    So assuming the word "ducshoot" appears in your current index, you should have the following under "Configure"->"Synonyms":

    Word: ducshoot
    Synonyms (words which are equivalent to): duckshoot

    Note: not the other way around.

    Click on the "Help" button on that panel for more in-depth explanation and examples.

    You will have to re-index for this change to take effect.
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      Thanks Ray - that's exactly how I've got it configured. Having said that I did consult the help and might just revisit this in some detail as its a rare word - I'll confirm that my current config picks up the page with it in. All that said, the response by ZOOM is a bit confusing because it refers to the word being in the skip word list when its actually not. I would have expected that if the word was not in the index then ZOOM simply would have returned no results.