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Workaround for PowerPoint PPTX files "not being recognized" and hence indexed.

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  • Workaround for PowerPoint PPTX files "not being recognized" and hence indexed.

    This is a workaround that avoids the spurious error message and warning that Zoom Search returns when attempting to index a PowerPoint 2016 .pptx file that contains only header and footer text, and an image, but no text in the body of the slide itself.

    When attempting to index this file, I get the warning:
    Exiftool error: Unsupported file type
    and an error:
    [PPT plugin error] Failed to scan [PathToMyFile].pptx (Unrecognized format).

    Note that the configuration declares the scan extension .pptx. for Office 2007 files, and enables retrieval of meta information.
    Although there is useful meta information in the file, apparently the absence of any text in the slide itself is blocking Zoom Search from even attempting to index the meta information.

    The workaround is to add a .desc file to include meta information for the .pptx file, as described in Zoom Search Documentation:

    Although this works, it would be nice to have a more accurate error message, or perhaps actually carry out the indexation just with the meta information, or even just the file name, which is sufficiently precise in my case to make the search result meaningful.

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    Can you send us the PPTX file in question, so that we can see if we can reproduce the problem.


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      I have sent you the file via the link you provided. Note, however, that it is not exactly the same as the original, as I have scrambled the sensitive information in the single image.


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        Have you found the solution for your problem? because I have the similar one here
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          We responded to the OP via email. We were not able to reproduce his problem with the file he provided us. The file indexed fine and with out error messages.

          If you have a similar issue, please e-mail us an example PPTX file and make sure it is reproducible with the file in question. Also include your .zcfg configuration file so we can use the same settings.

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