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autorun.inf preventing search from launching on USB stick

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  • autorun.inf preventing search from launching on USB stick

    We are trying to use FlyingAnt and Zoom v7 to create a search front-end for our USB stick that we use to distribute a collection of PDF guides, example programs, Excel tools, etc., to our customers.

    Due to increasing use of USB sticks to spread viruses, our IT department (and likely many others) doesn't allow autorun.inf files to be copied to or launched from USB sticks.So, while I was able to get the search to work properly when developing on my hard drive, I had to exclude the autorun.inf when I transferred the folder of files over to the USB, and found the search page won't open. After some investigation, I found that Search Windows.exe is calling the autorun.inf file.

    So the question is it possible to launch FlyingAnt server and the search page without needing Search_Windows.exe and autorun.inf?

    Currently, this is a showstopper for us. I'm hoping someone here can advise on a workaround. Thanks in advance for your assistance.

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    I just solved this. I'm posting as a Reply in case others run into this problem.

    I wrote a .bat file:

    start Server/Win32/FlyingAnt.exe
    taskkill /F /IM FlyingAnt.exe

    And, per Wrensoft, edited the FlyingAnt config file openURL line to this:


    Now I can launch the search page by double-clicking the .bat file and the autorun.inf file is not needed.