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Multiple Log Files for one index

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  • Multiple Log Files for one index


    We have a global search field that searches all folders on our site, and then in each individual manual, we have a search in just that manual, so the folder structure looks like this:

    Main Site (with search box searching all manuals)
    Deposit manual
    Subnav (containing the search box for just that manual)
    Loan manual
    Subnav (containing the search box for just that manual)

    We have never implemented the log file to my knowledge, but now we want to. Will the log file show all terms searched in both the global nav and each individual nav?

    Does that make sense? Will the system generate a log file from all search fields, or will we need to create different log file names? I didn't see that in the documentation.

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    You can have log file per search index instance, or one log file which is shared between all instances.

    The search index is somewhat independent of the number of search boxes on your web site. e.g. all your search boxes might be running from the same index, or maybe you have an index per search box. So this will influence the answer as well.


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      Our site currently is a frankenstein site. Some of the manuals were created with DreamWeaver back in the day, and they all run off the same search index. Then about 60 % of our site are made of files created from HelpAndManual, and they each have their own search box and their own index (about 25 separate indexes). In theory I could adjust the skin so they all run off the same index, but I was kind-of hoping to keep the H&M ones separate.


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        You should also check if you are using the same scripting options for each index. For example if you are using PHP, then creating a log file is no problem. But if you are using Javascript for some of the index files (as is the default in H&M) then you can't create a server side log. Javascript runs on the client, so logging on the server isn't possible.


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          We are using an ASP server.