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Configuring an image where no file is returned

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  • Configuring an image where no file is returned

    I think this has always been an issue with ZOOM but I didn't particularly notice it until V7 when I went to spider a Wordpress driven site. Where ZOOM spiders the default page for any given site directory including the home page e.g. http://www.thesite.com/mydir/ or http://www.thesite.com/, it correctly finds the default page but as no file is returned it can't ascertain what image to associate with the file extension as there is none and in your search results of course there is no image (assuming you've turned that option on in search results). Does anyone know if this is resolveable in any way?

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    You can associate an particular image for a page with no extension with the meta tag ZOOMIMAGE, see the following FAQ for more information,



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      Thanks guys - that had occurred to me but its not my site to do that. On top of that if you've had a look at how Wordpress works it basically places every new entry in a directory of its own so on a large WP site (as is the one I'm spidering) you get large numbers of "pages without extensions". Maybe something for the ZOOM wishlist - a default page will invariably be a web page so maybe ZOOM could provide for an option to associate an image with a/the default page.