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  • Autocomplete in own search form - ASP.NET

    I cannot find any information how to add the new autocomplete feature to a own search form.

    I tried this:
    I added the zoom_autocomplete.css and zoom_autocomplete.js. On the wrensoft example site I found some additional javascript-code that I added.

    When I type something, the autocomplete box opens with "not found on Server". I guess the Problem is this: var ZoomAutoComplete_URL = "/cgi-bin/search.cgi?zoom_ac=1";

    As I'm using the .NET Version this URL is not correct.

    Can you help me?


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    We've confirmed there was a bug with the autocomplete feature in the ASP.NET Server Control. This has now been fixed.

    Please download the latest ASP.NET Server Control from here and try again:

    Note that you must uninstall the existing V7 server control before installing the new one. You do not need to uninstall the V6 server control.

    Make sure you have also enabled Autocomplete in the Indexer (under "Configure"->"Autocomplete") and you have saved and reindexed with this feature enabled. The "zoom_autocomplete.css" and "zoom_autocomplete.js" files should have been created in your output directory (and uploaded by FTP automatically) if this was the case.
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