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Using Zoom with NetObjects Fusion 2013

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  • Using Zoom with NetObjects Fusion 2013

    Is anyone using ZoomSearch 7 with NetObjects Fusion 2013? I'm unable to get things working properly. I've tried working through tutorials from Lansrad, GotFusion, and BeyondFusion, but they all are for previous versions of both Zoom and NOF.

    What I'm trying to accomplish is inserting a search dialog and submit button on a MasterBorder that appears on select pages. The particular website I'm creating has an entire section of pages that have downloadable PDF files. I'd like the visitors to be able to search for the specific PDF files (even though I do have a basic menu). I'd like the search results to open on a page that has the same look-and-feel of all the other pages, not just a plain white background.

    Would anyone be able to help me? Right now I'm completely unable to use Zoom and feel so frustrated at my shortcoming!


    Neil Ruda

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    ...and feel so frustrated at my shortcoming!
    While I don't have an immediate solution for NOF 2013, you shouldn't blame yourself.
    The previous releases of NOF we looked at weren't very friendly or flexible. I think they tried too hard to pretend that HTML doesn't exist.

    In terms of integration into a site, there is very little difference between V6 and V7 of Zoom. Unfortunately I don't know what they did to NOF in their last release that would break the existing tutorials.


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      Thanks for your reply! I finally did get the search to work, although I could not figure out how to use a template to keep my site's 'look-and-feel' for the search results page. It just comes up the basic white page, but at least it works. NOF moved a lot of things around in various dialogue boxes, and renamed them, too. So the old Lansrad tutorial no longer can step you through, unfortunately.