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    Currently it is possible to modify the layout of the search results. Is there also a way to modify the content of the results (e.g. title, url,...).?
    I want to use a part of an URL as the title for search results (but don't ask why... ).

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    You can choose to use the entire URL as the title for search result (under "Configure"->"Results Layout"->Uncheck "Title of page").

    And you can specify an alternative title that Zoom will use instead of the actual page title by having a meta ZOOMTITLE tag on the page.

    But taking a part of the URL as the title, and doing that in some automated way -- no. Can't say we've ever had a request for that before either, so that's a bit unusual.

    If your pages are dynamically generated (PHP, etc.) you should consider adding those ZOOMTITLE meta tags programmatically in PHP as required.
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