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Incorporating search dialogue in to an existing HTML page or viva versa.

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  • Incorporating search dialogue in to an existing HTML page or viva versa.

    Hi All.

    I am employed as a Mac Support Technician. I get roped in to create websites for worthy causes.

    I am a member of a local Lions Club International (LCI) group and the LCI template driven website is so awful my fellow club members decided to ask me to create a website for our club.

    I didn't realise what I was taking on!!!!!! 28 fellow members all wanting to have their ten penneth.

    I don't use code. I Don't do code at all. For this reason I started life with Apple's iWeb and transferred to Everweb. Both work fine for me until now.

    This website for my local club everyone has had a hand in and it's grown so much I needed to install a search facility dedicated to the site. i chose Wrensofts Zoom and straight off it has done everything I want with regard to searching, what I can't make it do is use my banner theme (see www.lavaurlions.org).

    Alternatively I want to install the Zoom code to sit on one of my pages and then link off to a page that can supply the results.

    Can anyone help?

    I'm on vacation so I'm sitting around most of the day trying to get this to work but up to now without success.


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    I responded to your support tickets via email as well, so please see that for more details.

    A brief response is: you can edit "search_template.html" as you would with any other web page. Using your web page editor of choice. This page defines the layout and appearance of your search page, provided you have the <!--ZOOMSEARCH--> HTML comment intact which declares where you want the search results to appear on the page.

    Also: more details in our Users Guide which you can download from here.
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