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Can SE7 use existing sitemaps?

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  • Can SE7 use existing sitemaps?

    Considering purchasing the Pro edition....

    1.) I have already have accurate sitemaps/robots.txt of what I want crawled. Can I use these to tell SE7 what pages to index?

    2.) I have about 2k pages in my site. If I add one page can SE7 add that one page to index or does whole site need to be re-indexed?

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    1.) Zoom's spider mode will obey robots.txt file when configured to do so ("Configure"->"Spider options"->"Enable robots.txt support")

    If you have a sitemap in HTML format (with links to all your pages), then you can simply point to this as your spider URL.

    If you have a sitemap in text file format (a list of URLs, one per line), you can import this as start points (click on the "More" button next to the start spider URL and click "Import").

    2.) Yes, you can use Incremental Indexing to add a single page to an existing index without re-indexing entirely.
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