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Trying to make the search results show in vertical format

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  • Trying to make the search results show in vertical format

    I am trying to make the search results show in a vertical format. I am using zoom for a directory for a home association. I want people to be able to find phone numbers and email address by entering name.

    I want the home phone and cell phone and email to be spaced vertically down the page. I am assuming that most uses of the search will be from smart phone or tablet while away from home.

    I want the visitor to be able to click on phone number and make a call or click on email and send an email so I need for the search result to hypertext the email address.

    Any help??? I can't find where I make the results double-space down the screen. Nor can I find where to hypertext the email address.


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    You can control the formatting best via the CSS on your template page. You can specify the margin-top and margin-bottom attributes for .result_block and .result_altblock (the two classes allow you to have different colours or styles for alternating search results)

    You can use the Custom Meta Field feature to list these additional fields (phone, email) like a database instead of relying on the context description or meta description:

    Making the phone number or email clickable however would require custom scripting.
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