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Result highlighting issues in build 1009

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  • Result highlighting issues in build 1009

    edit: see second post for an update to the question.

    Dear Wrensoft Team,

    We have used Zoom Search version 6 and earlier versions for quite a long time.
    Due to highlighting issues in version 6, our customer wanted to upgrade to version 7.

    We tested version 7 build 1002 a while ago and the highlighting did work correct in that build.

    Now our customer bought the upgrade to v7, but in the current build 1009 we have the same highlighting problem we had in version 6.
    Please see attached screenshot. This search result was index by a fresh v7 installation and generated by the original search.asp that ships with the product.

    Could you please help us fix this problem?

    Thank you!

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    Hello again,

    after further testing I have to update this thread.
    We did some de- and reinstalling between builds and found that this bug does not exist in either build as long as it runs as a free version. (See second screenshot)

    As soon as we unlock the software with our Enterprise license key and re-index the website we get the highlighting problem in both build versions.

    As you can see in the screenshots, the first search result is the same on both screen shots, but the highlighting differs.
    Due to the free versions 50 pages indexing limit, not all results are the same, but the first result should be obvious enough.



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      Could you zip up the problematic index and e-mail this to us? Also double check that you are actually updating ALL the files listed in the "Required Files" window at the end of indexing on your web server (i.e. uploading them and overwriting the older files, etc.)

      In your first screenshot, I can see a few strange behaviours like result #3 which highlights the word "Poster". It's either a bug in a particular scenario, or an index corruption problem.
      Wrensoft Web Software
      Sydney, Australia
      Zoom Search Engine


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        I indexed into an empty directory and mailed the files to zoom/at/wrensoft.com.
        The ZIP file also includes the zcfg file we used for both cases (free/enterprise).

        And the strange highlighting you have noticed is because there is a hyphen in there ("Klimaschutz-Poster") that you can't see in the screenshot because the red line is covering it.
        So I think that specific case of highlighting should be ok.

        Thanks for your help!