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Subscript out of range: '37678'

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  • Subscript out of range: '37678'


    Our Intranet has been developed in Asp.Net and I have indexed the site but now when I go to search as string it is coming up with

    Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a0009'

    Subscript out of range: '37678'

    /intranetportal/search/search.asp, line 2122

    Would it matter if I created the search as asp and sorry I am confused will it read the aspx pages for the whole site.


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    This is most likely a case of a corrupted set of index files.

    At the end of indexing, make sure to upload ALL the files listed in the window entitled "Required Files".

    All of these files must be uploaded and overwrite the previous set of files.

    If not all required files are overwritten, then you are mixing files from different indexing sessions. And this is a corrupted index.

    Another possibility is if you have modified "search.asp" or "settings.asp". Let us know if this is the case.

    But first try a complete reindex and make sure everything is updated.
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      Hi Ray,

      I indexed the site again and it is working fine thanks a mill