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zoom_pagedata.zdat cannot be updated

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  • zoom_pagedata.zdat cannot be updated


    I'm using the ASP.NET Server Control (actual Build) on Windows Server 2012 R2. From time to time I have the problem, that the files zoom_pageinfo.zdat and zoom_pagedata.zdat are locked and cannot be overwritten by the Indexer. This leads to the message "Unable to open settings.zdat" because the version of these files doesn't correspondent to the other files.

    If I try to delete them, I get the message that they are opened by the IIS worker process. I have to restart the W3SVC service. The website (anonymous authentification) is running under the identity of the .NET Application pool which has only Read access to the folder. The application pool itself is running with "ApplicationPoolIdentity".

    Do you have an idea what is going wrong?

    Best regards,

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    We had a look into it and there are a number of error cases where the file handles to those files may be left opened. We've fixed this for the next release. They are pretty rare cases though, for example, when the application pool runs out of memory for the server control.

    In general however, it's worth considering setting up your Application Pool so that it recycles (stops and restarts) after a certain condition. For example you can make it restart daily, or after a number of requests, or after a memory threshold is reached.
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      Thanks Ray, I will check this.