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  • multiple pattern category searches

    Since upgrading to version 7, I am no longer able to get multiple pattern searches to work. It only searches the pattern before the semi-colon. The 'Files belonging to this category can not belong to any other category, check box is unchecked. It worked great in v.6. Are there any new settings for this that i may have missed ?
    Apologies if this has been raised before ?

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    Can you check which build you are using? The latest is V7 build 1022. There were some categories-related bugs addressed some time ago in build 1015, etc.

    If you are having trouble with the latest build, can you email us your .zcfg configuration file. If you are indexing online pages, we can probably go from there -- but tell us in particular which category is not working, etc. If it's offline files, it would help if you can include a few sample files to reproduce the problem.
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      Thanks for your prompt response as always. I am using build 1003. I have just downloaded the latest build and will get back if the problem persists