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Autocomplete Config Settings Not Reloading

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  • Autocomplete Config Settings Not Reloading

    Windows Zoom Search. Just upgraded to Build 1024 to check.

    The 'Autocomplete' settings for 'Page Title' and 'Meta keywords, description,etc.' do not seem to be working correctly.

    If I set or clear them and save the configuration, by opening a copy of the configuration file in a text editor I see that the settings values are respectively 1 or 0.

    However, on opening the configuration in the indexer, the checkboxes are always unticked regardless of the config file setting.
    Mark Gallagher

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    I've confirmed that this is a bug in the current release -- not sure how we missed that. It will be fixed in the next build (1025).

    Note that the saving of the configuration change actually works OK, as does the indexing and applying of the configuration. It's only not checking it in the GUI when launching Zoom.
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    Sydney, Australia
    Zoom Search Engine


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      Cheers Ray.
      Mark Gallagher


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        Just upgraded to the 7.1 release and happy to confirm this as one of the fixes included. Many thanks.

        Along with the Page Title and Meta keywords settings auto-complete is now an excellent feature.
        Mark Gallagher