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  • PHP memory_limit

    Had a problem with searches ending on an error page reporting an out of memory condition. Traced to a PHP memory limit of 90 MB. When that was increased to 128 MB, the problem went away.

    My question is, what determines the amount of memory PHP needs for the zoom search engine? Will I eventually have to go above 128?

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    The amount of pages and words you index, will determine the amount of memory needed by PHP to search your index.

    More precisely, it is the amount of unique words that has the greatest impact. For example, if you index a phone book (long list of names and numbers) or a product serial number list, -- these cases would yield much more unique words than indexing a large collection of short stories comprising of normal english words.
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      set memory_limits higher than 1G for a directory, but on my PHP 5.2.17 on Lenny server when I put for example 2048M I get only the php.ini default value (256M)


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        See this FAQ