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Relative directories don't work any more (did in 6.0)

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  • Relative directories don't work any more (did in 6.0)

    So we just updated from V6 to V7, but I have a bit of an issue now. In a number of my .zcfg files I have the off-line start directory set to "./" and output directory set to "./search/". This worked fine in V6 and uses the current working directory, but in V7 it does not seem to recognize that and says cannot find directory.

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    I remember asking this as I too used the feature a lot (. and .. and ./). Can't find the original post, but the gist of the answer is that it wasn't an known feature, just something that, like you, some of us had accidentally discovered we could do. And in the redesign of the GUI in V7 so that it was cross-platform rather than just Windows specific that useful little way of working was lost (though it was never officially there so lost may be the wrong term).
    Mark Gallagher


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      Ah ok good to know, yeah it does seem like a fringe case not many would have be using. I figured the Mac and multi platform support had something to do with it.

      Guess we will have to remember to always update those two paths when we copy the .zcfg to a different locations.