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indexed database places A with ^ above after every word in results page

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  • indexed database places A with ^ above after every word in results page

    Recently purchased Version 7.1 (build 1003) . Install was easy and have a small test database with PDF & DOC files running. Doing an offline index ( on Windows 10) and moving to a Linux website server using PHP on the site. Everything works as expected except all the PDF results have an A with a ^ above the A after each result word. The DOC's are fine.

    I must have missed something. How can I fix?

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    Are these words in English or another language? It sounds like an encoding issue (which is possible even in English) or an index corruption. Check the following:

    1) Make sure you are uploading the files to your web server in BINARY mode and NOT "text" or ASCII mode. If you use Zoom to upload the files, then this will be automatically correct. But many other FTP programs can get this wrong if they have an "auto" feature.

    2) Make sure none of the index files and search script (search.php, settings.php, and all the .zdat files) have been modified after generation from the indexer. If they have been modified, let us know, and also try reverting to the original.

    3) Try selecting "Use Unicode (UTF-8 encoding)" on the Configure->Languages tab of the Indexer. Reindex your website. You may also need to change your search_template.html file to specify a UTF-8 meta charset.

    If you still have the problem, can you send us a screenshot along with your search files via e-mail. We can then take a closer look.
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      Thanks for your prompt reply.

      I implemented both your answers to my above problem.

      I had not made any changes to the files you mentioned.
      I started using built in FTP function.
      I changed both the search_template and language option to UTF-8.

      The search results are now displayed in readable English for both PDF's and Doc's.

      Thank again for your prompt answers; now I can play around with the program to see what else I can use.