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  • Upgrade minor versions

    I'm currently using version 7 build 1017.

    I'd like to upgrade to the latest version 7.1 build 1003.

    What are the steps to do this while keeping my config files?

    I read older posts on version 5 and 6, but found no posts for version 7 minor updates. Also didn't find any details on the website, which I would think should be included on the the upgrade page - currently the upgrade page only has download links, nothing about how to apply the upgrade.

    Please let me know the steps how to do this (ie, do I need to uninstall old version, install to new directory, etc - disappointed there is not documentation on this).


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    Simply download and install the latest build over your old build (same folders).

    During installation however, you may be prompted when it asks to overwrite the existing "zoom.zcfg" file. If this is the file you are using to save your configuration, then you will want to say "No" here so it does not overwrite it with the default settings.

    Also if you have any other customizations, such as with .ZLANG language files (translations), or custom scripts, you should back them up before the upgrade.

    Agree that we need to add a FAQ page on this.
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      Thank you so much!