Primary Products:

Zoom Search Engine V7
Zoom is the easiest way to add a powerful custom search engine for your website, Intranet, or CD/DVD-ROM. It will run on most hosting services via one of the supported platform options (PHP, ASP, Javascript, CGI) and has a huge array of features. To find out more about Zoom, click here.

FlyingAnt CD Web Server
FlyingAnt Server is lightweight cross-platform CD/DVD web server. It is designed to be used together with Zoom Search Engine to create CD's with powerful search functionality. To find out more about FlyingAnt, click here.


Specialist Products:

Zoom MasterNode
Wrensoft’s Zoom MasterNode is an enterprise level distributed solution for searching massive sets of data (over several million pages), creating portal websites, searching enormous corporate file systems, and aggregating multiple search functions into a single search function. MasterNode is free and Opensource. To find out more about Zoom MasterNode, click here.

Zoom Search Engine SDK
The SDK package provides source code and documents needed to integrate the search functionality of Zoom Search Engine within your application. Having the source code for the C++ CGI search script gives the developer full control over every aspect of the search function. To find out more about Zoom Search Engine SDK, click here.