Publishing CDs, DVDs or USB drives with searchable content

Search documents on DVDAlthough we sell software that allows a search function to be added to a CD, many people prefer that we do the work. If you can supply us with your documents, then we can add a search function to your document collection. This can include cross platform capability (Mac, Windows & Linux) and auto-run function. Typical uses include.

Product catalogues

Publish your product catalogue on CD and allow your customers and sales agents to search your product range without being connected to the internet.

Litigation support

Add keyword searching to your collection of legal documents, while preserving the original document. This can aid in E-discovery, allow fast access to transcripts, contracts, briefs and other documents. This can lead to significant cost savings when dealing with large volumes of documents. Additional services such as document recovery (from tape or disk) and document format conversion can also be provided as required.

Publishing back issues of magazines and journals

Allows your readers to search all the back issues of your magazine or journal in PDF, HTML, RTF and many other formats.

Reference documents & technical documents on CD / DVD

Publish your reference documents on a CD or DVD. Allow you customers to search through vast quantities of information from their desktop. Search gigabytes of data in seconds without the need for a network connection.

Forensic searches of large document collections (e-discovery)

We can perform searches and build a search engine for document collections and E-mail archives. We also see develop and sell the well known Digitial forensics toolkit, OSForensics

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Web Site Search Engine Installation & customization

We aim to make our search engine solution (Zoom) as easy-to-use and install as possible, and in most cases, it can be installed by yourself (with the help of our detailed Users Guide and Support section).

However, if you have special requirements (custom features, unique server environment) or need more extensive help, we can offer the following services:

Bespoke Made To Order Search Appliances

custom search applianceWe can build a custom dedicated search appliance to exactly suite the needs or your organization. Potential features include,

Custom Software Development

If you have specialized software requirements, WrenSoft can provide custom software development services to you and your company.

We can develop custom software tailored to your exact needs or provide customization on existing solutions to meet your requirements. We have experienced degree qualified developers in both Windows and Unix environments, who can handle your project from start to finish.

We specialise in the latest software technologies including but not limited to:

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