Old Version History (V3.1 and earlier)

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Note: We are no longer working on Version 3.1, as development have moved on to Version 7.0, but you can download the final 4.2 release (Build 1013) here and get the Users Guide for this version here. The final V3.1 release (build 1022) is available here. This is purely for supporting users of the previous version. We recommend upgrading to Version 7.0 where possible, as we have improved many aspects of Zoom and have addressed many issues based on user feedback.

Version 3.1.1022 (5 Oct 2004)

  • Fixed bug with missing last character in plugin supported binary filenames that appear as the search results title eg. "mydocument.pd" instead of "mydocument.pdf"

Version 3.1.1021 (1 Oct 2004)

  • Increased max title length for a search result to accomodate long filenames.
  • Fixed bug with long filenames for PDF (and other plugin-supported files), where the filename appearing in the title of the search result is corrupted and/or joined to another page title.
  • Fixed bug with converting HTML entities within a URL causing only the first entity to be converted.
  • Fixed bug with parsing registration usernames.
  • Prevents start/pause/resume button from being pressed whilst in the process of cleaning up after indexing (which caused a crash).
  • Fixed rare crash bug when using the "browse folder" window on some computers.

Version 3.1.1020 (14 Sept 2004)

  • Fixed bug when browsing local folders, causing the indexer to crash on some computers.
  • Fixed bug with downloading from https:// (secure socket layer) URLs.

Version 3.1.1019 (13 Sept 2004)

  • Fixed bug with running the PDF, DOC (and other) plugins when Zoom is installed under a long file path, on some computers.

Version 3.1.1018 (8 Sept 2004)

  • Browse for folder window now opens to currently specified directory instead of always opening in the root directory.
  • Fixed browse for folder window, cancel no longer resets existing directory entered.
  • Fixed "Start points scanned" in the Indexing Status tab (total number of start points incorrect)
  • Fixed "File extensions scanned" in the Indexing Status tab (bug with incorrect count)

Version 3.1.1017 (30 Aug 2004)

  • Added workaround for using Javascript search with windows-1251 (Cyrillic/Russian) so that search words do not get corrupted in an incorrect encoding by the browser.
  • Fixed logging bug in CGI version with the IP address of the user not being recorded.
  • Fixed logging bug in CGI and PHP versions with additional carriage return characters on some platforms.
  • Fixed path bug in Linux build of CGI search application causing search forms to point to the absolute location of the CGI rather than the relative location.

Version 3.1.1016 (12 Aug 2004)

  • Fixed bug with redirected URLs which have not been scanned, being skipped with message "Redirected URL already scanned".
  • Added support for indexing PDF files in UTF-8
  • Added support for indexing words broken-up by <span> tags as one word.

Version 3.1.1015 (10 Aug 2004)

  • Fixed bug with retrieving context descriptions for large sites, when performing an exact phrase search which occurs in the title of a page (applies to PHP, ASP and CGI).
  • Fixed bug with searching and indexing some UTF-8 characters for JavaScript.
  • "Disable lowercase conversion..." option now applies to the Indexer as well as the script, when indexing for JavaScript.

Version 3.1.1014 (6 Aug 2004)

  • Fixed bug with indexing HTML numeric entities which were specified in hexadecimal (eg. &#x5d;). This resulted in pages being partially indexed.
  • Added indexing support for HTML "quote" entities (eg. &quot;, &ldquot, &lsquot;, etc.)
  • Fixed bug in Statistics graphs: some accented characters were missing in the graphs, and the graph image was partially truncated.

Version 3.1.1013 (27 Jul 2004)

  • Fixed bug with ASP script, when exact phrase matching some words on very large sites.
  • Fixed bug with PHP script, when exact phrase matching words containing word join characters.
  • Trims trailing and leading spaces when importing start points from text file.
  • Fixed possible crash bug after "Not enough memory" error.

Version 3.1.1012 (14 Jul 2004)

  • Fixed "access violation" crash bug when indexing meta data on computers with older versions of Internet Explorer installed (versions prior to 6.0) .
  • Fixed rare start up crash issue on some Windows 2000 computers.
  • Fixed missing "Result pages:" number links in the CGI version.
  • Search scripts now removes '/' and '\' from a query so that searches containing slashes will not be invalid.

Version 3.1.1011 (9 Jul 2004)

  • Fixed bug with indexing case variant words (this caused some words appearing in the context description to not return a hit for the page when searched for)
  • Minor changes to search scripts (PHP and ASP).

Version 3.1.1010 (1 Jul 2004)

  • Fixed bug with loading in an existing config file (.zcfg) with the "Linkback URL" set. This may have caused other configuration settings to be incorrect after loading, such as the Results Format.
  • Fixed crash bug with CGI version when searching for exact phrase and logging is enabled.

Version 3.1.1009 (30 Jun 2004)

  • Fixed bug with garbled context description on large dictionary files - this bug also caused crashes when searching for certain words using the CGI script.

Version 3.1.1008 (29 Jun 2004)

  • Fixed crash bug when words exceed the max word length with accent marks and "accent insensitivity" feature enabled.
  • Fixed reported crash and incorrect meta description and keywords retrieved when an invalid meta syntax is provided.

Version 3.1.1007 (28 Jun 2004)

  • Fixed incorrect error message "Failed to close pagetext file" whenever results format is set to "Simple (no descriptions)" or "Meta description only"
  • More changes made to the appearance of punctuation marks in context descriptions.

Version 3.1.1006 (18 Jun 2004)

  • Fixed crash bug when using command line parameter for repot mode generator.
  • Added work-around for Javascript search option for iso-8859-2 code page (Polish).
  • Added VBScript engine version check in ASP search script.

Version 3.1.1005 (15 Jun 2004)

  • Fixed JavaScript bug with incorrectly formed links to result pages.

Version 3.1.1004 (10 Jun 2004)

  • Fixed missing characters in the context description - single occurances of characters enabled for "word joining" (eg. "this - that" appeared as "this that").
  • Fixed search script bug when searching with the "match all word" option and query includes a skipped word.
  • Fixed indexer "Edit HTML and CSS template page (source)" menu option when CGI is selected - previously opened the PHP/ASP template.
  • Fixed highlighting bug when a search term (besides the first) is a skipped word.
  • Fixed highlighting bug in the CGI version when "always substring match" is enabled.
  • Fixed bug with CGI version printing out "These words have been skipped..." when "always substring match" is enabled (results were correct).

Version 3.1.1003 (7 Jun 2004)

  • Fixed CGI problem with working in virtual paths or virtual homes (Windows/IIS only)
  • Improved context description for sites with many unique words (over 100,000) and exact phrase searches
  • Fixed crash bug with loading .zcfg files with long additional start points and additional base URLs
  • Fixed bug with handling plugin converted file which exceeds max file size limit - all subsequent plugin files were not scanned.
  • Fixed bug with not scanning entire page when multiple HTTP requests were required
  • Removed incorrect "Queued URL" messages that were printing out in verbose mode
  • Added more error messages to CGI builds
  • Updated default HTML template to include new result_title CSS tag.
  • Minor bug fixes: CGI template rendered incorrectly.
  • Fixed offline mode base URL from being overwritten by spider mode base URL.
  • Fixed rare case for non-wordjoin characters in exact phrases.

Version 3.1.1000

Version 3.1 introduces the option of high-performance searching with the CGI platform.

  • New CGI platform option: provides high performance searching to support enterprise-scale sites (for example, over 60,000 pages depending on the number of unique words). This options is currently available for web servers running Windows, Linux, and BSD. More information on our CGI platform page.
  • Super fast indexing: Highly optimised indexing process allows sites that previously took hours to index to be indexed in a matter of minutes
  • Additional spider URL features: override base URL, index page and follow external links, spider options for main start point and more.
  • New plugin support for WPD (Word Perfect documents) files.
  • Improved search word highlighting method, faster, and no limit necessary.
  • and many other new features, and bug fixes.

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Version 3.0.1007:

  • Fixed display issues with DPI settings greater than 96 DPI
  • Fixed bug with indexing URLs in spider mode, which have been redirected to a site outside of the base URL.
  • Added log window messages when Statistics Reports Generator is run from the command-line
  • Fixed indexing of skipped words based on min. word length
  • Fixed ASP script issue with creating invalid log format when locale setting uses commas as decimal places
  • Fixed Javascript search script issue with some versions of IE not supporting the push function.

Version 3.0.1006:

  • Fixed indexer crash bug caused by accent insensitive option and very long words

Version 3.0.1005:

  • Fixed bug with skipwords being indexed with the Javascript option
  • Fixed "mode" text for current mode loaded from a .zcfg file
  • Minor script changes

Version 3.0.1004:

  • Support for HTTP redirect to relative URLs
  • Fixed crash bug in indexer caused by accent insensitive option and very long words
  • Fixed minor ASP script bugs (rounding off page numbers, and skipped word consideration)
  • Scripts reports plural form of "result(s) found" correctly
  • Fixed score calculation issue with non-weighted words
  • Stats generator no longer require log files to end in ".log"

Version 3.0.1003:

  • Fixed bug with JavaScript index files with double quote entries in index
  • Fixed "Substring match for all searches" option in PHP and ASP.
  • Added "result" css tag for changing the appearance of the results listing from the search template.
  • Added section in Users Guide on "How to customize the look of your search page".
  • Add "What to do after indexing" section to Help file.
  • New "Browse Directory" windows with "Create new folder" option
  • Changed accent insensitive mappings to characters more appropriate for most international languages. ("ä" to "ae", etc.)

Version 3.0.1002:

  • Context description now shows matched word(s) closer to the middle of the context extracted, rather than the start.
  • Accent insensitivity option restricted to certain charsets/encodings
  • Removed the type ligature "oe" character from accent insensitivity option, to prevent "o" from being mapped to "oe" for character sets that omitt the character (eg. utf-8)
  • Category patterns are now case-insensitive
  • Fixed "jumbled" context description in PHP for index files where the longest entry is a non-indexed word.
  • Fixed bug with accent insensitive feature for UTF-8
  • Fixed bug with PPT plugin ("can not open zoom_plugin.in")

Version 3.0.1001:

  • Fixed crash at end of indexing (bug re: charset output on HTML template)
  • Fixed "zoom_pagetext.tmp.zdat" not being renamed to "zoom_pagetext.zdat" on Windows 98 and ME
  • Fixed context description bug for sites with unique words over 60,000
  • Fixed commandline parameters in 98/ME
  • Other minor changes

Version 3.0.1000:

Version 3.0 features an overhaul of the existing design and introduces a vast number of new features and improvements over 2.x.

  • Improved support for large websites
    New algorithms and compression techniques optimize the indexing process to use less memory and resources than before.
  • Context descriptions
    Search results can now show the surrounding words which appear on the page where the matched word was found, providing a context-based description for each search (PHP/ASP only)
  • Exact phrase
    Search for phrases (words in a specific order) when specified in quotes. For example, you can search for "zoom search engine" without matching "zoom engine search" (PHP/ASP only)
  • Search statistics reports
    Create HTML and GIF based reports with pie-charts and graphs such as "Top 10 searches" and more. Click here for more information.
  • Multiple start spider URLs (Spider mode)
    Index multiple sites on different domains or sub-domains by adding them to a list of spider URLs. You no longer need "additional base URLs" and a page to link your various sites and domains together. You can simply add these URLs directly into the Indexer, or use the Import/Export spider URL facility.
  • Customizable HTML templates with CSS support
    Search results are now rendered with CSS tags, so you can completely change the appearance of the results without making any changes to the script.
  • Improved International language support
    • Indexer now supports Unicode
    • Specify encoding or charset and Zoom will automatically configure your search templates and script for you.
    • Improved UTF-8 support
    • Accent insensitivity option. With this option enabled, users searching for the word "cliché" will find "cliche", and vice versa.
  • Easier to use scripts and templates
    All search script settings can now be configured from the Indexer. This means no script hacking is required (but you are still free to do so).
  • Option to have result links open in a new window or frame
  • Pause and resume indexing
  • User definable index word rules allow for a greater variety of words to be selected for indexing. Searches for monetary values ("$99"), dot-appended words or acronyms ("a.b.c."), version numbers ("V1.95.XP"), and underscored words ("search_template") ... and more, are now possible.
  • Detailed indexing status gives your more information about the indexing process. Including "number of words indexed", "number of unique words per page", "URLs crawled by spider", number of files scanned for each file extension, and much more.
  • <!--ZOOMSTOPFOLLOW--> and <!--ZOOMRESTARTFOLLOW--> allows you to specify sections of a page which contains links that the spider indexer should NOT follow.
  • Many bug fixes and minor features

Zoom 2.1 Build 1004:

  • Bug fixed for crashes due to invalid HTML links
  • Added scanning keywords in .desc files for plugin supported files.

Zoom 2.1 Build 1003:

  • Bug fixes for log length buffer
  • Added support for HTML entities in four digit numeral form (eg. greek and mathematical symbols)

Zoom 2.1 Build 1002:

  • Fixed bug with scanning files with no extensions
  • Improved ability to determine the absolute/resolved URL of a redirected link in spider mode
  • Bug fixes for PHP, ASP and JS script files re: total result count, and substring matching

Zoom 2.1 Build 1001:

  • Minor bug fixes for configuration window and memory estimation procedure

Zoom 2.1 Build 1000:

  • Plug-in support for .XLS and .PPT files (Std and Pro editions only)
  • Authentication support for indexing secure websites in spider mode
  • Optimized all search scripts (search.php, search.asp, search.js) producing much faster search results, of 2x, up to 10x the performance of previous versions.
  • Improved support for searching large sites of over a thousand pages
  • New tabbed interface for the configuration window
  • Introduced new mandatory index data file (zoom_keywords_idx.dat) for the server-side search scripts to help improve search performance

Zoom 2.0 Build 1019:

  • Now supporting and indexing decimal numbers, product/serial numbers and abbreviations. Eg. "2.3" "4.1-102A", "D.E.F" etc.
  • Fix for Javascript wildcard searches using the "?" operator
  • Fix for indexing and searching hyphenated words
  • Fix for indexing words in keywords, description and title on 'normal' weighting level
  • Changed default settings in Indexer and search scripts and templates to use "windows-1252" encoding (English, French, German, etc.) instead of UTF-8
  • Autorun now ensures it runs in the mode specified by overriding the mode setting (offline or spider) saved in the .zcfg file

Zoom 2.0 Build 1018:

  • New features: Add categories support to your website. Allow your users to restrict searches to certain categories on your website from a drop-down box. Manage the categories via the Indexer's configuration.
  • Configurable word weighting for indexed words found within the title, meta description, or
    meta keywords/zoomwords (Indexer configuration)
  • Option to enable or disable UTF-8 encoding for HTML character entities (Indexer configuration)

Zoom 2.0 Build 1017:

  • Additional verbose mode message when retrieving files over HTTP in spider mode. To help with determining a slow or non-responsive web server.
  • Other minor code changes.

Zoom 2.0 Build 1016:

  • Forces plugin temporary files to be write enabled (to prevent a read-only temporary file due to files originating from a CD-ROM source, or various network folder related issues)
  • Extra check for previously existing temporary files (and removes them accordingly)

Zoom 2.0 Build 1015:

  • Added support for indexing UTF-8 encoded websites.
  • HTML character entities are now converted to UTF-8 encoded characters for indexing.
  • Additional error messages for skipping files due to plugins failing to write temporary files as well as files skipped due to a beginning underscore character.

Zoom 2.0 Build 1014:

  • All search script "result pages" links will now wrap accordingly.
  • Search scripts now only display up to 10 other pages of search results either before or after the current page.
  • Fixed backslashes issue with generating JavaScript index file.

Zoom 2.0 Build 1013:

  • Fixed support for Lotus Notes websites with .nsf directory structure and no extension filenames.

Zoom 2.0 Build 1012:

  • Fixed double quotes issue with generated JavaScript index file.
  • Fixed issues for older browsers not supporting JavaScript 1.5 (such as IE 5.0 or older). Note that some foreign language support with extended charsets will require IE 5.5 or later to run.
  • Temporary plugin buffer files are now being deleted automatically.

Zoom 2.0 Build 1011:

  • Fixed issue with reading in .zcfg files that have been modified in an external text editor with DOS style carriage returns.
  • Modified attributes required for indexing: now indexes all files except hidden and system files.
  • Fixed issues with IE for JavaScript search over a network path.

Zoom 2.0 Build 1010:

  • Option to use meta descriptions when they are available for page results - or to always use page content instead.
  • Fix for search words beginning with an accented character in the JavaScript search.
  • Improved support for foreign (non-English) single-byte languages.

Zoom 2.0 Build 1009:

  • JavaScript search: allows you to run the search engine from a CD-ROM or DVD or any offline distribution where a PHP or ASP is not available, and where network traffic and latency is not an issue.
  • Option to scan files with out any extension (eg: "home", "main")
  • Bug fixes for long URLs (over 200 characters)

Zoom 2.0 Build 1008:

  • Support for custom meta description files (.desc) for plug-in supported extensions (Standard and Pro editions only)
  • Support for <meta name="keywords"> tag in addition to <meta name="ZOOMWORDS"> tag.
  • Bug fixes for "Load Configuration" and "Save Configuration As" problems with Win98
  • Fixed issues with DPI display settings of greater than 96 DPI
  • Improved performance of verbose mode
  • Step-by-step guide, and other updates added to the Help file.

Zoom 2.0 Build 1007:

  • Search script timing function
  • Speed optimisations to the ASP script
  • Bug fixes in ASP script to handle Unix style carriage returns in the search_template.html
  • Fixed trailing blanks problem in PHP script
  • Indexer will now quit automatically when it is run in auto-run mode (to allow for remote, web-based operation)
  • Misc. bug fixes

Zoom 2.0 Build 1006:

  • Option to accept multiple base URLs, allowing indexes that span across multiple domains or sub-domains. This allows you to index multiple domains and sub-domains together as one site (eg: http://www.mywebsite.com, http://news.mywebsite.com)
  • Search script: keywords highlighting feature
  • Better support for older PHP servers (PHP 3.0 to PHP 4.0)

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