Using Zoom with Macromedia Flash

Q. How do I index my Flash-based website and SWF files?

You will need either the Standard, Professional, or Enterprise Edition of Zoom with the SWF plugin installed. Make sure you add ".swf" to your Extensions list in the Configuration window, under the "Scan Options" tab.

Once the plugin is installed and working, Zoom will be capable of indexing the textual content of SWF files as well as follow the links found within SWF files (in Spider mode). You will also be able to index and search FlashPaper files - Macromedia's new printable document format.

Q. How do I add a search form to my Flash movie?

You can create a search form in your Flash movie, allowing your users to enter in search words directly from your Flash file, and load up the results on the Zoom search page.

The following is a working example. Enter a keyword to search for, and click the "Submit" button to be sent to the search results for that query.

This is essentially an explanation of how to create the Flash version of the HTML search form described in our FAQ and Users Guide. If you are a more experienced Flash user, you may want to consult the information there instead, and create your own search form as you see fit (so long as you use the correct parameter/variable names).

Note that these instructions are based on Flash 5 and later or earlier versions may differ in the placement or location of some functions.

  1. First, you will need to add an editable text field to your Flash movie. This will be the search box where the user enters in the search words.

  2. Select the text box you have just added and click, "Text"->"Options". Change the dropdown from "Static text" to "Input text".

  3. From this same window ("Text"->"Options"), you can set the variable name for this field. Enter in "zoom_query" here.

  4. Next, you will need to add a "Submit" button. You can do this by adding a button from the Library ("Window" -> "Common Libraries") or create your own button.

  5. Select the button you have just added and click "Modify" -> "Instance", and select "Edit Actions". Insert the "getURL" action, and specfiy the URL to your search page here (this can be a relative or absolute link to your search page, eg. "search.php" or ""). For the "Variables" drop down box here, select "Send using GET".

And that's it. You should now have a working search box in your Flash movie.

A more comprehensive set of instructions are available at the Macromedia website here: How to create and submit a form in Flash.

You can also download the source .FLA file to the above example for reference. Download .FLA file here.

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