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You may want to check the Zoom FAQ below first to see if your question has already been answered. You should also take a look at the Zoom Users Guide which is a free download. You might also want to drop by our new Discussion Forum to seek help and advice.

If your questions are not answered in the above resources, please contact us at Click to send mail (JavaScript required) for any technical queries and support. Please include information on the version (and build) of Zoom you are using (check the "Help"->"About" window), as well as the script platform (PHP, ASP, JavaScript, or CGI) you are using.

Note that we give Priority Responses to e-mails from registered users who have purchased Zoom Professional or Zoom Enterprise editions and are within their support period.

Both the Professional and Enterprise versions of Zoom come with 6 months of support. Additional support can be purchased by logging in via the PassMark site. You can find your Zoom order under 'Manage my products' and select 'Renew support'.

Frequently Asked Questions for Zoom (FAQs)

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How to get started

How to customize the layout and appearance of the search template

How to configure or optimize Zoom

How to setup images, thumbnails and icons with Zoom


Foreign language support

See our foreign language support page for more information.

File format issues

Indexing PDF documents

Indexing DOC documents

Indexing XLS spreadsheets

Indexing PPT presentations

Does Zoom... ?

Troubleshooting problems

General usage issues

Dreamweaver Extension issues

Indexer errors and crash issues

For troubleshooting plugin related indexing messages, see the FAQ section for plugins.

PHP related issues

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CGI related issues

Javascript related issues

Sales & License key related questions